What Dental Specialists Say About Us

“The knowledge, artistry, and kindness of Dr. John Bain is exemplary. We have a World-Class expert in the field of oral health and esthetics in Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Bain understands the intricacies involved in creating a mouth that functions well and is harmonious in every way.”

“I would like to heartily endorse Dr. John Bain because he is on the cutting edge in many areas of dentistry. As a specialist, I am constantly challenged by the example he sets in his personal practice. I have referred my wife to him and enjoy knowing that she is in talented, compassionate hands.”

What Our Patients Say About Us

“Dr. Bain’s dental practice in Farmington was my choice after “interviewing” several other well-regarded dentists in our area. Medical folks offer wonderful services in many cases and like other services we all purchase, we have the right to know what we will pay for the service in advance as well as the quality of the service we’ll be receiving.”

“My husband and I believe that we will feel better when our mercury fillings have been replaced with the less hazardous materials. Not all dentists have moved away from mercury (amalgam) fillings yet, don’t dispose of the incredibly toxic removed substance judiciously with respect to our environment and certainly are not as open in discussion about it as Dr. Bain is.”

“From my perspective, Dr. Bain practices personally as well, what he believes in, a more natural and forward-thinking approach, taking his supplements, eating wisely and I understand is growing some of his own produce. I like that. It sets a fine example.”

“I had some extensive work done by Dr. Bain that took about 3 hours. He and his staff could not have been kinder to me, always checking to assure that I was comfortable; they allowed me to bring my own relaxing chair cushion and my iPod to listen to. He never hurt me once. I add that the shot for numbing wasn’t even terrible and I am “needle shy.” It’s 45 minutes from my house to Dr. Bain’s office.”

“So many dental and medical offices I’ve been in both in my work and as a patient, in my opinion are stiff, often haughty and the doctor is unapproachable. I like to get to know peoplequickly and found Dr. Bain and his staff willing to accommodate my personality while maintaining their professionalism.”
S.C. patient