We are known for our natural, holistic family dentistry expertise, and our mercury-free procedures. We do diagnostic x-rays, exams, cleanings, cancer screenings, tooth-colored fillings, beautiful all-porcelain crowns and bridges, dentures, implant dentures, veneers, implant crowns and bridges, whitening, etc. See real life examples of the care we provide below.

Digital Impression Technology

We have the latest technology for Digital Impressions, which can often eliminate the goopy impression material in your mouth. Patients love this advanced technology!

Safe Mercury “Silver Amalgam” Removal

Our Mercury Safety Protocol is the epitome of safety for you. Mercury fillings leach out mercury vapor every day. When mercury fillings are removed, the vapor release skyrockets. We keep you, our assistants, and doctor totally safe from this mercury vapor.

Sleep Apnea/Snoring Appliances

Sleep Apnea Appliances can often replace the need for a CPAP machine and reduce snoring.

A Changed Life / Smile Makeover

This young man was dealt a bad hand in life as far as his teeth were concerned. At age 19, he looked much younger than he was and seemed to lack self-confidence. After extensive treatment, he is now a very handsome man with a fun sense of humor and an entertaining personality. We thoroughly enjoy hearing his stories and getting to see him for maintenance visits. (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Rescued From An Unsightly Smile / Cosmetic Dental

This young mom had some very poor quality bridges done on her upper front teeth in a foreign country only 6 years before we saw her. She was already missing two of her front teeth. Most of the upper teeth were so severely decayed that they were close to being non-restorable. Her treatment required moving the gum-line and doing all-ceramic bridges and crowns. She now has a truly beautiful smile for the first time in her life! Although she didn’t speak much English, her comment after we finished was, “You are good doctor”, as she gave us a big smile. (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Looking More Youthful / Veneers

At age 65, this patient’s front teeth had become worn down and the gums were showing too much. Front teeth should be longer than they are wide. Braces moved the tooth roots back where they were years ago. All-Porcelain Crowns (full veneers) restored the length and attractiveness. The patient commented after treatment, “I really needed this treatment even though it seemed, at the time, like it was a lot to do.” (click on the photos below to enlarge)

From Badly Stained Teeth To A Beautiful Smile / Porcelain Crowns

Tetracycline had stained this woman’s teeth internally as a child. She was a vivacious and beautiful woman, but her smile detracted from that beauty. A dramatic transformation occurred with these all-porcelain crowns. She now has a beautiful smile! (click on the photos below to enlarge)

From Small Teeth And Large Gaps To A Great Smile / Porcelain Veneers

This outgoing young professional had teeth that were just too small for his size. The “too small teeth” left large gaps between teeth. The gaps were closed with Porcelain Veneers restoring self-confidence and adding a tremendous boost to his quality of life. Two weeks after the veneers, he was so identified with his new smile he said he, “couldn’t even remember his smile before.” (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Porcelain Veneers / Smile Makeover

Smiles are important for business and personal relationships, self-esteem and quality of life. We can custom design the smile you’ve dreamed of. Well done Porcelain Veneers preserve gum tissue health as well as provide a great looking smile. (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Whitening Teeth / Natural Family Dentistry

There’s a whole lot of hype today regarding teeth whitening. Laser whitening (which we have used) offers absolutely NO better results! Our methods of whitening involve less sensitivity and are equally effective with less cost as a bonus. (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Fractured Teeth

When teeth are fractured:

  • Look for the tooth fragments
  • Call us right away
  • If teeth are knocked out, don’t touch root – keep moist

Many times we can bond the fractured portion back in place. We have seen this last 8 – 10 years in fortunate cases. No root canal was needed here. (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Best Solution For A Missing Tooth / Dental Implants

Far better than a bridge or removable partial denture – IMPLANTS can help other teeth in the mouth last longer by taking stress off them. An implant with a crown can never decay or abscess and will never need a root canal. Success rates are well above 90% over a 10 year period. (click on the photos below to enlarge)

Youthfulness And Dental Implants / Dental Implants

This man’s teeth were worn, stained, and not well positioned. Smoking had contributed to gum disease and some missing teeth. Dental Implants were used to give “new tooth roots” again. Implants support the bite so that cosmetic dentistry can last! A more youthful, but masculine smile was created with the all-porcelain crowns and the added length. Implant Crowns can look, feel, and function almost like the original teeth you were given. In most cases, implants truly are the best option for missing teeth. (click on the photos below to enlarge)